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Ermington Primary School

Ermington Primary School

School Council


Our 2023 -2024 School Council


Meet our school councillors 


Poppy and Alfie - Year 5

Hi! I'm Poppy, and I am one of the Year 5 School Councillors. I think that every school should have a school council, because it helps students have a say in what happens at school. Before each school council meeting, Alfie and I (the other Year 5 councillor) ask our class if there are any issues that they want to raise. Then, we bring them to school council and discuss them.

If you are visiting the school, we will be happy to answer any questions about the school council. 



Riley and Pixie - Year 3

We can ask people what they think and want to happen in school to make it better. We like the meeting and that we can give suggestions. You can make people happier when they are sad.




Tilda and Jack - Year 1













Maddie and Myles - Year 6

Being a school councillor for me is having a job to do in school where I can make people happier, and I like letting other people have a voice through me. I like organising events and clubs. If any pupils in school have something to say, come and meet me, Myles, and I'll see what I can do to help out.






Neddy and Isobel - Year 4

We believe being part of school council is important because it lets people have their say. It helps improve things in the school and gives people a voice. We enjoy being in meetings and being able to share other people's ideas.




Emily and Freddie - Year 2








Foy and Raphie - Foundation